About us

Mobilaiud SRL is a fully private capital company, located in Transylvania, Rădești locality, Alba county, Romania.

The company has 100 employees, at the moment, and produces furniture for export, delivering mainly to major store chains and deposits from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, France, Italy and of course, Romania, the whole range of garden furniture and especially “Festzeltgarnitur”, brewery set type of furniture. The company was founded in the year 1993, being from the beginnings until now a family business.
All started from the wish to achieve high quality, durable, ecological products, which are to ensure the comfort desired by our customers. Also, from passion, in the more than 20 years of activity, we managed to be specialists in making garden furniture, assuring high quality standards.

The company is built on a 6.5 ha land and has a built area of over 3.5 ha. An over 5.5-million-euro investment was made, consisting in the construction of new halls and retechnologization, meaning a number of new high-performance equipment was purchased. It has been invested a lot in the operation of eliminating and recycling waste and in the same time, a special attention was conferred to employee training, the investment in their professional training at the workplace being, from our point of view, at least as important as the investments in our patrimony. We understood that we are living more and more in an economy based on information, in which technology and production methods are changing rapidly and constantly. The “intangible capital” and knowledge produce the greatest added value, where only a “click” on the computer could mean as much as a physical good. We understood that forming of human capital must be approached at least as well as the physical capital formation is treated, so that a vast part of our indispensable employees is in our company from the very beginning. The complex has a logistical center too, which assures the integrated and organized planning of the whole materials and information required for the production and distribution phase, until the product delivery to customers.
A particular attention is always given to environment protection. Sawdust type waste is briquetted and burned in the own thermal power plants, ultra-modern ones with parameters according to the norms in force. The timber used, especially spruce, is fully certified wood.
The product varnishing is made with high-performance installations and only water-based varnishes are used.
Most of the production is for export, such that more than 500 trucks are delivered per year.
The company’s turnover increased yearly, exceeding the threshold of 10 million euros.
At the moment, Mobilaiud has become one of the leaders in the European furniture market in the production of softwood garden furniture.
Mobilaiud has an internal quality policy in accordance with ISO 9001/2005.
She is the holder of ISO 14001/2015, OHSAS 18001/2007.
Moreover, it works with carefully selected wood bearing the FSC ® certificate, FSC®-CO41267 license or PEFC certificate with identification number RO18/819942475 which guarantees that the used timber comes from sustainably managed forests on social, economic and ecological criteria.
We also have the most important certificate for social responsibility SA 8000 updated to the latest version, registration number: 27R10677.
The above described development couldn’t be achieved without a serious and qualitative management, without a sustained, assiduous work, without creating a production in continuous evolution both quantitively and qualitatively according to the international standards in place, without persevering, tenacious and passionate people in what they do. All these define and are due to the Mobilaiud team.